tiny delicious clone for Hiroshima.rb 057

For the first iteration of Hiroshima.rb "reboot" (#056), I had presented about chruby. (Sorry no blog post).

This second iteration of Hiroshima.rb once again took place at the Basset Café.

We were eight and each of us had to present, a lightning talk or simply a few words.

Bussaki-san presented about pycall and showed examples of it wrapped in a Jupyter notebook. This PyCall looks very interesting. It bridges Ruby to powerful Pyhton libraries like NumPy, seaborn, etc.

Mitsuda-san showed us how to run Jupyter Docker images with Python and Ruby enabled. He then proceeded to show us a few Ruby quizzes exposed in Jupyther notebooks. He had already presented about this subject during the last Sugoi Hiroshima with Python but at that point, hadn't explored Ruby in the notebooks.

Kitadai-san built a Sinatra service interfacing one of Hiroshima's universities CMS system. He was a bit puzzled because only HEAD requests came through to his Sinatra service, GETs and POSTs were nowhere to be seen. Interesting investigation ahead.

Nishimoto-san had presented about a Disco challenge during the last Sugoi Hiroshima with Python. He showed us a solution to the question two of that challenge, but this time in Ruby. (Here are two of my solutions to this challenge).

Ishibashi-san presented us an application he's building based on Ruby on Rails. Employees of his company access it via their iPads to receive assignments. Those assignments are controls and repairs to perform for customers. Once the assignment is done, the employees report completion once again via the iPad (and the Ruby on Rails application). Ishibashi-san also presented the book series he learns Rails from, it's the Ruby on Rails series from Kuroda-san. Interestingly, this author is now also writing about Elixir.

Adam-san taught us about Ruby's Enumerator. He recapitulated the methods provided by this class. It had a nice overlap with the techniques presented by Nishimoto-san for his programming challenge.

Takata-san, as one of the organizers of the upcoming RubyKaigi 2017 is currently listing all the restaurants at walking distance from the conference center. He showed us the tools he's using in his data gathering endeavour.

Since Kitadai-san recently attended a presentation by Garr Reynolds, the author of Presentation Zen, he stood up and talked about the things he enjoyed and learned during this presentation. Mitsuda-san initiated a comparison between Presentation Zen and the Takahashi Method, but Kitadai-san told us that Garr Reynolds advocates storytelling and is putting back light on kamishibai as a way of presenting.

I talked about a micro del.icio.us clone I built on top of Sinatra:

It's called deli.

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