Hiroshima.rb #058

Yesterday's evening we had Hiroshima.rb #058 at the Basset Café in West Hiroshima.

Due to the Rubykaigi 2017, we had paused for two months. We hope to go on with one Hiroshima.rb meeting per month.

Furukido-san wrote his own report of the event, he came in late and missed the first two talks though.


Methods ending in "ect"

I went first and presented about methods ending in "ect" in Ruby. More about this and the end of this post.

Clean Code

Nishimoto-san talked about his new Safari Subscription. It seems O'Reilly is pushing its customers into Safari subscriptions instead of selling electronic books one by one.

Interestingly, videos are part of the bundle and Nishimoto-san got interested in the Clean Code videos made by Uncle Bob.

Nishimoto-san concluded with a set of good practices he picked up from the videos he viewed so far.

Elastic Beanstalk

Ishibashi-san went next and presented about the Rails application he built and is managing. He showed us how he is deploying them to Elastic Beanstalk and how he is using Vagrant locally for testing those deployments.

Ishibashi-san had already presented about his contact application, but this time the focus was on deployment and management.

Swift and Ruby

Guri-san was attending for the first to Hiroshima.rb, he also attended the RubyKaigi. He's currently studying in a technical university, he talked about the technologies he is using, technologies that are taught to him and the ones he'd like to explore on his own.

He is building a photo sharing application with a Ruby backend and a Swift frontend. I think he mentioned further applications, but I can't remember exactly.

Docker interests him, Nim (shame on me, I think it's the first time I learn about this one), Julia and also Hanami which he discovered during the RubyKaigi.

Webpacker and Elm

Adam-san had no slides but he was prepared and made a demonstration of Webpacker (may I say it's a frontend to Webpack?).

He went from a bare Rails application, showing the classical asset pipeline approach to packaging javascript assets to the Webpacker way.

Adam stepped then into using Elm and entrusting its compliation and packaging to Webpacker. We were all very interested in seeing Elm and noticing its resemblance to Haskell.

Favourite Ruby gems

Furukido-san presented to us a list of his favourite gems or at least gems he feels interest for.

I was happy to see Sequel in his list, I had just mentioned it in my talk.

I too share an interest for Trailblazer, I'm looking forward to see where it goes (I had included a link to a part of Trailblazer in my RubyKaigi talk).

As mentioned above, Furukido-san wrote a report about this 58th Hiroshima.rb meeting.

Giro di Rubykaigi

At the end of the RubyKaigi, Ando-san and friends organized a cycling tour starting in Onomichi U2. Mitsuda-san was one of the organizers and he presented about his experience of the event.

He showed to us a lot of pictures and explained what happened and who took part cycling.

Hiroshima Open Seminar 2017

Takata-san had arrived a bit late and ended up talking last.

He reminded us about the upcoming Open Source Conference 2017 in Hiroshima. He showed us the timetable of the conference. It is very crowded, a whole day with four tracks, a real bazaar.

It seems there will be a SciRuby-jp talk (about PyCall if I remember correctly).

my talk

I presented about [some] methods ending in "etc" in Ruby.

I favour collect over map, select over find_all, etc.

The end of the talk focuses on a [joke] Ruby gem named ect that adds four "ect" methods to Ruby (well 2 aliases and two trivial methods).

class Object

  alias inflect tap

  def deflect

module Enumerable

  alias bisect partition

  def dissect
    inject([]) { |a, elt| (a[yield(elt)] ||= []) << elt; a }

There are usage examples for those four methods in ect's readme.

Special mention for Ishibashi-san who mentioned Ruby's #respect method.