rufus-scheduler 3.6.0 released

The last Ruby Weekly contained a pointer to Resque-Scheduler in its "Code & Tools" section. I was a bit intrigued, it's been years since Ruby Weekly reposted anything I pushed to RubyFlow about rufus-scheduler (or its dependencies like fugit.

Resque-Scheduler was the first project to combine Resque and rufus-scheduler. When Sidekiq rose, sideqik-scheduler and sideqik-cron appeared.

I was happy to see the embargo somehow worked around and a project using some of my work being showcased.

I haven't had a look at Resque-Scheduler in ages. I looked at the issues and found one quite recent that could be addressed by me, as a dependency provider.

It has two parts:

I fixed both issues and released rufus-scheduler 3.6.0 and fugit 1.2.0.

I used to say "build it and they will complain", but sometimes, you have to dig to find the those complaints.

update: I forgot to mention Que-Scheduler which combines Que and fugit. Thanks again to Harry, its author, for his contributions to fugit.