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rufus-scheduler 3.6.0 released

en ruby rufus-scheduler

The last Ruby Weekly contained a pointer to Resque-Scheduler in its "Code & Tools" section. I was a bit intrigued, it's been years since Ruby Weekly reposted anything I pushed to RubyFlow about rufus-scheduler (or its dependencies like fugit.


reddit answer on workflow engines

workflow flor florist ruby

Here is an answer I wrote for go to resource on how to build a workflow engine.


flor workflow engine

en flor workflow ruby

flor is a workflow engine. It's written in Ruby.


the flor language

en flor workflow ruby

Flor is a language for defining workflows for the flor workflow engine.


L'Effroyable Tragédie

fr book

It's a book in french, I'll anyway write about it in english. …


Before the Dawn

en book

After reading Guns, Germs, and Steel, I had to read Before the Dawn. …



en ruby gemfile

If you are responsible for an application, a last-mile application, not a library (a gem), please check in your Gemfile.lock.


rufus-scheduler 3.5.0 released

en ruby rufus-scheduler

rufus-scheduler 3.5.0 just got released.


Guns, Germs, and Steel

en book

Up until now, I used to post the cover of the books I completed on Instagram. …


fugit 1.1.0 released

en ruby rufus-scheduler fugit

I'm working on a newer version of Rufus-Scheduler, it'll probably be a 3.5.x.


flor design 0

en flor ruby workflow

I was approached on Twitter by Benjamin Dauvergne asking me about flor's design.


Hiroshima.rb #058

en ruby hiroshimarb

Yesterday's evening we had Hiroshima.rb #058 at the Basset Café in West Hiroshima.


RubyKaigi 2017

en ruby rubykaigi hiroshimarb

The RubyKaigi Circus came in our good town of Hiroshima for its 2017 edition last week. …


chruby in Hiroshima

en ruby hiroshimarb programming

Back in June, I presented about chruby and ruby-install at Hiroshima.rb #056. My slides are available on Speaker Deck.


tiny delicious clone for Hiroshima.rb 057

en ruby hiroshimarb programming

For the first iteration of Hiroshima.rb "reboot" (#056), I had presented about chruby. (Sorry no blog post).


yahoo proxy with python

en python suhi programming

I am not a Python programmer, but I participated to last night SugoiHiroshima (#すごい広島) and I had brought with me a deck of slides about a small proxy to Yahoo Finance that I wrote as a toy example.


hail to the King Arduin

en arduino osx

I got an Arduino Nano clone for ~ USD 3.5 and attempted to connect it to my OSX Yosemite laptop. …


my "Open in Vim" OSX service

en vim programming osx tools

Many times, when contemplating a grep or a rspec output, I wish I could wink at a certain line and make it open the target file at the appointed line.


zero indent

en programming

As I wrote earlier, I don't use a debugger, lately I've started placing the puts, p and pp I use to help me develop at indentation zero, like this:


rufus-scheduler 3.3.0 released

en rufus-scheduler ruby

I have just released rufus-scheduler 3.3.0.


patterns at Hiroshima Lightning Talks


I gave a lightning talk about patterns at the Hiroshima Lightning Talks gathering.


rufus-scheduler 3.2.1 released

en rufus-scheduler ruby

I've just released rufus-scheduler 3.2.1.


dot errors rspec custom formatter

en ruby rspec

I work with two terminals side by side, a wide one of the left for running and an 80 columns one on the right for editing. The left one often gets hidden behind a browser window but I can easily bring it back with a keyboard shortcut.


vim :ListOld

en vim

The initial version of this post was about a ListOld function. After a few days, I changed my mind about it and rewrote as ListFiles, including current buffers and recently opened files in a single "view". The original post is still visible.


radial and flon

en flon

I'm currently reworking flon in Ruby. I might use it for a customer, hence this preparatory work. I did a first pass at flor but I noticed that I was copying too much. …



en litterature

Books reference each other, directly or indirectly. You can now spend a life spidering from one book to the other.



en jp litterature "

A man should avoid displaying deep familiarity with any subject. Can one imagine a well-bred man talking with the airs of a know-it-all, even about a …


banausic occupations

en xenophon philosophy "

Very good, Critobulus; for to be sure, the so-called banausic occupations are scorned and, naturally enough, held in low regard in our states. For they …


munemo 1.0

en ruby

munemo is a rewrite of rufus-mnemo. The first rewrite was actually in C as mnemo, munemo is a port of mnemo from C to Ruby.


small, custom-built interpreters

en programming link "

There's not much personal appeal to a Z80 emulator, but many applications I've written have small, custom-built interpreters in them, and maybe …


released rufus-scheduler 3.2.0

en ruby rufus-scheduler

I have just released rufus-scheduler 3.2.0.


blank in the thinking

en fr language

I'm an avid reader of Jacqueline de Romilly. She wrote a serie of essays about the health and the evolution of the french language. Here is a quote:


I don't use a debugger

en programming

I spiral around the problem with a test, the smallest test possible that demonstrates the symptom of the bug.


programmer arrogance

en programming

My friend said to me: "to tell you the truth, I've never met a programmer who'd tell me good things about what another programmer built".


a world split apart

en litterature "

If, as claimed by humanism, man were born only to be happy, he would not be born to die. Since his body is doomed to death, his task on earth evidently …


stuff and fluff

en workflow

"Stuff" is tangible. Examples of stuff: documents, business entities, mandates, folder.


John Boyd

en misc

Currently reading John Boyd's biography